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Are you looking for a family photographer in London, Ontario to capture your precious moments with your loved ones? Choosing the right photographer can be a daunting task, as there are so many options to choose from. But, there are some key qualities to look to make sure you have the best experience possible. Here […]

10 Qualities To Look For In a Family Photographer In London, Ontario

Family Portraits

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Your first kiss during your wedding ceremony is a big moment. It’s your ‘last first kiss’ and deserves to be documented in a picture-perfect way!  Make sure that moment is absolutely perfect for your photos! There are two things I’ve learned as a photographer at weddings in London, Ontario that I want to share to […]

Weddings in London Ontario | Make Your First Kiss Memorable


newlyweds share their first kiss during their wedding ceremony. used in a blog post about weddings in london ontario

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I was one happy London Ontario Photographer this spring! Because of pandemic restrictions, we weren’t able to do photos in May for the last two years. Mother Nature also had a late frost and snow in her plans that killed off all the blooms before we ever had a chance to take photos! So this […]

Spring Minis 2022 | London Ontario Photographer


a dad lifts his son in the air while mom smiles up at them. they're standing in front of a magnolia tree in springbank park. london ontario photographer life is beautiful photography.

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There’s always a lot of noise when something new comes into the world of marketing. Instagram Reels for Wedding Photographers was definitely no exception! Video can be intimidating, and in 2021 we saw post after post go viral on Tik Tok that involved dancing on camera. As trends progressed, there was also a lot of […]

3 Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Wedding Photographers


two women pose together at sunset during their engagement session. photo is used in a blog post about instagram reels for wedding photographers

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We’re in the depths of off-season, and in times like this social media for photographers can start to get a little bit tricky. What do you post when you’re not shooting?   Re-Post Old Content Without looking, can you tell me what you posted on Instagram on April 4th, 2019? Probably not. So here’s my […]

What To Post During Off Season
| Social Media For Photographers |


a woman wearing a black tank top and blue jeans leads a man in a pink shirt and grey shorts. they're walking through a shallow pond with trees and rocks in the background. photo is used in a blog post about social media for photographers

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Back with some more business tips, friends! So we’ve gone through the majority of the inquiry process at this point – you’ve responded to the initial email, followed up (a few times!), and hopefully, the client is ready to book! But what about those times they email you to let you know they’ve decided to […]

Take The Guesswork Out Of Not Booking Clients
| Business Tips |


a man and woman sit on a bench beside a stone fountain. image is used in a blog post sharing business tips for wedding photographers

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