What To Post During Off Season
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We’re in the depths of off-season, and in times like this social media for photographers can start to get a little bit tricky.

What do you post when you’re not shooting?


Re-Post Old Content

Without looking, can you tell me what you posted on Instagram on April 4th, 2019?

Probably not.

So here’s my next question – if you, the creator, can’t remember your content from a couple of years ago, do you think the average viewer, who is scrolling through hundreds of posts a day, is going to remember it either?

Also, probably not.

So repurpose that content, friends! Every post on your Instagram feed doesn’t have to be a new, never-before-seen creation.

If you’re on TikTok or Reels, think about the videos that were trending last year, when someone says “No one’s gonna know. How will they know? No one’s gonna know.”

The fact that no one is likely to remember isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean that your work isn’t amazing or that you didn’t have something great to say in your caption or post. We’re just overwhelmed with content in our feeds and are only capable of retaining so much. What it does mean is that you get to do the work once, and then continue to find ways to reap the benefits!



Ok – I know what you’re thinking.

“My style has changed so much over the last couple of years! There’s no way I can repurpose those photos…”

Can I tell you a little secret?

You’re your own harshest critic.

Set aside time this off-season to take a deep dive through your archives. I mean DEEP DIVE. Not just looking at the few highlights you remember from each session. Actually digging through the RAWs and looking at your photos with a fresh perspective. You’ve learned so much and you never know what kinds of diamonds in the rough you’ll find! With some updated editing it could become a shining star in your portfolio.

Share More

How many photos did you take at your last portrait session? How does that compare to the number of photos you edited and delivered to your client? And then how does that number compare to how many photos from that session have made their way onto social media?

Somewhere along the way it seemed to become an unwritten rule that you could only do one post per session, especially once carousels on Instagram become a thing. I’m here to crush that standard!

You have thousands of photos at your fingertips just waiting for the world to see!


Scatter Your Posts

You can maximize the lifespan of your content by cross-posting it to multiple platforms on a schedule. If you think about your own browsing habits, you’re likely one of the millions of people that hop across platforms and check everything all at once. When you post the same thing to multiple places at the same time, at least one platform is going to have viewers scrolling right past your post.

Posting to one platform, and then another days or weeks later is more likely to catch that secondary audience! And this method gives you complete content schedules for multiple platforms without having to do any additional work.


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