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I was one happy London Ontario Photographer this spring!

Because of pandemic restrictions, we weren’t able to do photos in May for the last two years. Mother Nature also had a late frost and snow in her plans that killed off all the blooms before we ever had a chance to take photos! So this year, everything aligned perfectly. The magnolia trees in Springbank Park are always such a gorgeous backdrop and they did not disappoint this time around!

Here are some of our favourites:

a couple leans in for a kiss in front of magnolia trees in springbank park at sunset by london ontario photographer life is beautiful photography

I know evenings can be tough for families with littles… But, it’s the BEST time of day for light at the magnolia trees! I mean, just look at that golden hour glow!

a little girl sits on a blanket and laughs while clapping her hands
a black and white photo of a family of four hugging
a mother holds her daughter up as she reaches for a flower on a magnolia tree in springbank park by london ontario photographer life is beautiful photography
a little girl twirls in front of a magnolia tree
a little boy and two little girls play together in a patch of white flowers

If your littles just aren’t feeling the photo idea, don’t worry! We can let them be little. Some of my favourite moments are candid moments of children exploring the space around them. They collect flowers, run around, and get to be themselves. It let’s their personalities shine through and that’s so important!

a little boy kisses his mom on the cheek
a black and white photo of three kids hugging and laughing
a dad lifts his son in the air while mom smiles up at them. they're standing in front of a magnolia tree in springbank park. london ontario photographer life is beautiful photography.
a pregnant woman looks down at her baby belly during a maternity mini session
a family hugs one another in a group hug in front of a magnolia tree
a family sits on a bench together under an apple tree

If you’ve ever booked a spring mini session, you know the blooms don’t last long. But one of my favourite things about this spot in Springbank Park is the variety of trees! They bloom at different times, giving us a few weeks of gorgeous flowering trees to work with.

a family sits on the ground together in springbank park

2023’s Spring Minis are now booking!! CLICK HERE for all the details! Or, CLICK HERE for info on family sessions! We’d love to talk more about becoming your London Ontario Photographer!

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