3 Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Wedding Photographers


There’s always a lot of noise when something new comes into the world of marketing. Instagram Reels for Wedding Photographers was definitely no exception!

Video can be intimidating, and in 2021 we saw post after post go viral on Tik Tok that involved dancing on camera. As trends progressed, there was also a lot of acting and lip-syncing to pre-recorded audio. And wedding photographers everywhere started yelling –

“I’m never doing that.”

“I can’t dance!”

“Absolutely never going to happen.”

In all honesty – I’m one of those people. And if you’re with me on this, I have some GOOD news for you! Ready for it?




If you’re looking for hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and becoming an influencer is one of your goals, then yes – you absolutely need to be doing whatever trends the world tells you to be doing. But for everyone else? There is no limit to the creative options you have at your fingertips and there are absolutely no rules for how you have to use a platform.

Here are three ways you can use Instagram Reels instead:



Show off a sneak peek from a recent wedding or a series of photos from a blog post. Use timing and transitions to match the audio for added creativity and to take advantage of trends!


Behind The Scenes

My top performing Reel is a behind-the-scenes look at an engagement session. I hired an assistant to follow me throughout the whole session, taking videos with her cell phone. I combined those with a final, edited photo that I could be seen taking in each video! This sort of “inside look” will help future clients know what to expect during their time with you, and helps build their confidence in you as a professional.


Share Information

Reels are a great way to answer some of the FAQ’s you get asked. If you’re comfortable, try including audio of your own voice delivering information combined with photos from your portfolio or behind-the-scenes footage. Otherwise, include text, and make sure it’s big enough and visible long enough that everyone is able to read it!


Some Final Thoughts…

Remember, Reels are heavily affected by the Instagram algorithm, so if you’re only seeing videos in your feed of people dancing and acting, that’s because you’ve told Instagram somewhere along the way that that’s what you want to see. That doesn’t mean that’s all that exists! There are no rules to the type of content you should be putting on there and the inspiration on the platform is endless. Try using Instagram’s search feature to find Reels relating to wedding photography and see if anything catches your attention that you could use yourself.

If Instagram Reels truly don’t feel authentic to you or your brand in any capacity, that’s totally okay! But don’t forget that there are so many ways to make something your own if you do decide you want to embrace something new and take a leap into video marketing this year. When you do, check back to this blog post to help you get started!


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