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I'm Sandra! My pronouns are she/her. I'm the head photographer and owner of Life is Beautiful Photography!

When I was little, I was obsessed with disposable cameras. I remember constantly nagging my parents for my own any time we were going somewhere. By the time I was 13, I started thinking that maybe this could be more than something I just did for fun. I went through a few more career ideas as I grew up, but once I started taking a film photography class in high school, my decision was made. I graduated from the photography program at Fanshawe College a few years later, and launched Life is Beautiful Photography in 2013!

I'm inspired by love, nature, and the people closest to me on a daily basis, and I really do believe that life is beautiful. Being given the opportunity to photograph the most beautiful moments in someone's life is not only the biggest honour, but also a total dream come true. This career has given me the chance to combine everything I love - travelling, being creative, meeting and connecting with new people, and sharing my passion with the world - or at least our little part of it, anyway!

I spend my days off with my husband, Matt, being a stepmom to his son, Ethan, and smothering my cats, Smudge and Winston, with more love and affection than they can tolerate :)

Owner & Photographer

Sandra Henderson

| Cold weather and snow, I'm built for the tropics
| Caffeine since 2015!
| Judgement or negativity; the world has enough already
| Shoes! If I can avoid wearing them I will
| Seafood of any kind


| Tacos, pupusas, plantains, antijitos... All the Latinx food!
| Dancing - any time, any place
| Almost any genre of music, but especially anything 90's
| Travelling anywhere and everywhere ignites my soul
| Fireworks are acceptable for any occasion


Sandra photographs her 100th wedding since starting Life is Beautiful Photography!



Life is Beautiful Photography's 5 Year Anniversary - and Sandra photograph's a destination wedding in her 5th country



Life is Beautiful Photography gets a new look - the logo and brand you see today; Emily joins the LIBP team!



Sandra starts Life is Beautiful Photography



Life is Beautiful Photography officially began serving the wonderful people of London, Ontario and it’s surrounding area in March of 2013! We specialize in wedding and family portrait photography.

Sandra Henderson, owner and head photographer, graduated at the top of her class from the Photography program at Fanshawe College, and has had the opportunity to photograph more than 100 weddings in five different countries around the world since starting Life is Beautiful Photography.

Her photos have captured hundreds of smiles, millions of laughs, and won a few awards along the way, too!

about the company

When it comes to weddings, or any kind of photo experience here at Life is Beautiful Photography -

YOU ARE LOVED AND ACCEPTED from start to finish. All races, sexualities, genders, abilities - all different walks of life are welcome with open arms. The Life is Beautiful Photography team believes in this wholeheartedly, and it's embodied in everything we do. We love, support, and take care of one another, our clients, our community, and the world we live in, and those are the kinds of clients we LOVE attracting in the process, too! (Bonus points if you also love tacos. Because I mean, really, who doesn't love tacos?!)⠀



Emily is married to her high school sweetheart, has a cute home with two adorable dogs named Ginny and Arya and all the gardens anyone could want!

She's a King's University Grad with a Bachelor of Arts in History, but decided to pursue her passion in photography. She checked out a TuesdaysTogether meet-up and met Sandra, who asked her to join LIBP as a second-shooter in 2017. Emily became an associate shooter beginning in the 2020 wedding season, and the rest is history!

When she's not behind the camera here or at Emily Soti Photography, you'll find her spinning around an aerial hoop and teaching lyra classes!

Associate Wedding Photographer

Emily Soti

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