Being given the opportunity to photograph the most beautiful moments in someone's life is not only the biggest honour, but also a total dream come true. This career has given me the chance to combine everything I love - travelling, being creative, meeting and connecting with new people, and sharing my passion with the world.

I spend my days off with my husband, Matt, my stepson, Ethan, and smothering our cats, Smudge and Winston, with more love and affection than they can tolerate ;)

When I was little, I was obsessed with disposable cameras. I remember constantly nagging my parents for my own any time we were going somewhere. Then, after taking a film photography class in high school, my decision was made. I graduated from the photography program at Fanshawe College a few years later, and launched Life is Beautiful Photography in 2013!

I'm inspired by love, nature, and the people closest to me on a daily basis. 

i'm so glad you're here!

I'm sandra - wedding and family photographer. and forever a sunset chaser

Welcome Friend!

From the beaches of Mexico to the mountains of British Columbia to the rolling hills of Ireland - I'm obsessed with everything our amazing world has to offer! Travelling adds so much light to my life and fire in my soul. And the best part?! Being able to combine it with what I love. Taking adventures with clients will forever be one of my favourite parts of being a photographer!

traveLling makes me oh-so-happy

My "internal alarm clock" is set for a 5am-6am window, whether I like it or not. So, I decided to embrace it! I get my day started as soon as I wake up, tackle my to-do list before lunch, and have more flexibility in the rest of my day. I used to hate routine, but this gives me LIFE, especially as a business owner!

I'm all about my morning routine

My husband and my stepson are my favourite people in. the. world. Stepmom life is a unique adventure, but it's shaped me into who I am today! There's an old saying that says you can't choose your family, but I don't believe that's true at all. I'm so lucky to also have friends who are more like my "chosen family" and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

my family and friends are my world

We were there to see one of our favourite bands, and met through a mutual friend. Our love of music has always been such a huge part of our relationship. Though - out tastes have become less and less similar as the years go on - but that's part of what keeps things interesting, right?!

i met my husband at the bar one spring night and the rest was history.

Is there any better food than tacos?! The answer is yes, but only if it's fried plantains. A friend of mine introduced me to them made in a traditional Salvadorian style years ago and I'll never eat the same again. Then a little sour candy to snack on? *Chef's Kiss* perfection!

i could survive on tacos, plantains, and sour candy. is that bad?

Fun facts

Life is Beautiful Photography officially began serving the wonderful people of London, Ontario and it’s surrounding area in March of 2013! We specialize in wedding and family portrait photography.

Sandra Henderson, owner and head photographer, graduated at the top of her class from the Photography program at Fanshawe College, and has had the opportunity to photograph more than 100 weddings in five different countries around the world since starting Life is Beautiful Photography.

Her photos have captured hundreds of smiles, millions of laughs, and won a few awards along the way, too!

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All races, sexualities, genders, abilities; all different walks of life are welcome with open arms. The Life is Beautiful Photography team believes in this wholeheartedly, and it's embodied in everything we do. We love, support, and take care of one another, our clients, our community, and the world we live in, and those are the kinds of clients we LOVE attracting in the process, too! (Bonus points if you also love tacos. Because I mean, really, who doesn't love tacos?!)⠀

When it comes to weddings, or any kind of photo experience here at Life is Beautiful Photography - YOU ARE LOVED AND ACCEPTED from start to finish. 

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