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The new year always holds so much excitement and potential for what’s to come!

It’s the perfect time for wedding photographers to focus their time and energy behind-the-scenes, making tweaks to ensure the year to come is your best one yet.

Here are a few tips to start your new year off with better systems:

1) Keep It Simple

It’s so easy to over-complicate a system by trying to cover every single little detail or possibility all in one. That’s how I started and my systems failed every single time, creating more work for me instead of taking it off my plate. The trick? Keeping it simple! Every winter I like to go through my workflows, turnaround times, policies, etc., and see where I can improve my systems.

What worked last year?
What didn’t?

Keep those two questions in mind as you go through everything. If it didn’t work, take it out. If it did, is there a way you can make it even better?

2) Semi-Automate

Automation and the “what if”‘s behind it are two of the biggest thing that stop wedding photographers from creating client management systems. I prefer to meet in the middle between manual and automated!

Using Honeybook as my CRM system allows me to semi-automate my workflows. It will notify me when I want to send an email, and will have the template ready for me to review – BUT – it won’t send until I tell it to. That way I’m still in full control, but it’s doing most of the work for me.

3) You’re In Charge

Most importantly, remember that you’re in charge. You don’t HAVE to do things the way anyone else does. You get to choose your schedule and how you spend your time. You deserve to balance the job you love with the life you want to live. Make this year the year you tweak your systems to work FOR YOU!

No matter where you’re at in business, it’s never too late or too early to create systems to make your life easier as a wedding photographer. It’s the key to growth and work/life balance!

Good luck this year, friend :)


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