You're wearing a million different hats behind the scenes, too, to keep your business running. It's the part that no one really prepares you for.

It's so easy to start feeling burnt out and uninspired when you're juggling all-the-things. But can I let you in on a little secret?

You deserve so much more than that. You deserve to have the business you've always dreamed of! And making it all happen is easier than you think.

So, to quote my one-day-best-friend Taylor Swift - are you ready for it?!

Running a Photography Business Means SO Much more than just showing up and taking photos...


clarity calls

Coaching + More

A 30-Minute coaching call where you can get clarity on anything creating a roadblock in your photography business.

This is perfect for wedding and family photographers of any experience level!

No topic is off-limits!

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+ A Workbook and Step-by-Step Guide to simplifying your content

+ 50 Content Prompts

+ National "Holidays" PDF

+ Google Sheets Calendar Template

+ Asana Project Template


Simplify Your Content

this bundle includes:

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$1400 or
3 payments of $500

Simple Systems + Workflows

A three-month program designed to save you time and make you a more confident business owner.

Take a deep-dive into one system or workflow in your photography business each month, and figure out exactly what you need to get it streamlined and working for you so you can get back behind your camera!

What You'll Get:

*Three months of bi-weekly 1:1 virtual coaching calls
*In-depth critiques of your completed systems and workflows
*Checklists, templates + more!

1:1 coaching program

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A free Facebook community for photographers looking to take their businesses to the next level. Surround yourself with like-minded peers ready to cheer you on, supporting one another through the ups and downs of being a professional photographer!

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LIBP Education Community

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- donna t.

Sandra tailored my mentorship to my needs and my struggles. her insight has saved me time and has encouraged me to continue growing my business!

At this time, that is unfortunately something that I'm not able to offer! Particularly with wedding days (when I'm most frequently asked for this), there are too many moving parts to have another person shadowing me on the day. For portrait sessions, I find it takes away from the experience of my clients when they have someone there watching them! Their comfort is my priority, first and foremost. I'll be releasing more options for hands-on, on-location training in 2022!

Photographers of any level are more than welcome to participate in any education services from LIBP! That being said, most content will be geared towards photographers who have been in business a minimum of 3-5 years.

Yes! I just launched a brand new photography education community and it would be the perfect place for you! It's FREE, and we'll be covering monthly topics geared towards so many things like helping you attract your ideal client, find a better work/life balance, tools to streamline your business, and so. Much. More.

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