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When it comes to running a photography business, there are a few things that are regularly believed:

1) Every date on your calendar is a date available for
taking on as many clients as possible
2) You're on your own and no one is going to be willing to share information or
work with you, because you're all in competition with one another
3) There's only one right way to do things in order to succeed

But if you ask me?!

1) An over-booked calendar leads to burn out and unhappy clients
2) There's enough room for everyone and community is
a whole lot better than competition
3) There are plenty of ways to do things - but what matters, is finding the way that works best for you

So, friend. Are you ready to go against all of the things holding you back?

To take small, actionable steps in creating the business of your dreams?!

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Helping photographers stay

and avoid burnout while


growing the business

they've always



We live for

Running a small business and being a solo-preneur is hard enough without going at it completely on your own. LIBP Education is about being apart of a community of other photographers looking to grow and build each other up - knowing it will only help create stronger businesses in the process!



We live for

I want to help you find the tools that suit your business and lifestyle so you can confidently create a dream business that you can sustain for years to come, instead of just jumping from new trend to new trend every few months.



We live for

Finding new ways to do things, getting creative, and staying inspired are what keep us thriving as photographers! By finding better methods and tools to do the mundane tasks behind the scenes, you'll have more time to follow your inspiration where it leads, and I can't wait to see what kind of magic you create!






Simple Systems + Workflows




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When it comes to making my wedding photography business run smoothly, it's all about my 'toolkit' - my favourite resources that help me day-to-day in every aspect here at Life is Beautiful Photography!

Some of my favourites are:

Check out this blog post to read more and get ALL the discounts I could find - because who doesn't love perks, right?!   READ MORE


Simplify Your Content


From planning, to caption writing, and streamlining the process, this is the exact system I use in my own business and I can't wait for you to start seeing results!

Content Prompts FREEBIE!

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A month's worth of content prompts that you can use across multiple platforms (social media, stories, reels, your blog, and more!) daily or throughout your already planned content.

Join the
Life is Beautiful Photography Education community!


A space for photographers looking to take their businesses to the next level, surrounded by like-minded peers ready to cheer each other on and support one another through the ups and downs of being a professional photographer.

A three-month 1:1 coaching program
designed to save you time and make you a more confident
business owner.

Each month we'll take a deep-dive into one system or workflow in your photography business and figure out exactly what you need to get it running efficiently - giving you time back to spend doing what you love!

Your package includes:

Three months of bi-weekly 1:1 virtual coaching calls
In-depth critiques of your completed systems and workflows
Checklists, templates + more!

1:1 Coaching Sessions


simple systems + workflows

Have questions? Send me an email anytime, I'd love to talk more! Just CLICK HERE to get in touch!

Save $100 when you pay in full!

$1400 + HST


a one-hour "Ask Me Anything" Style mentoring call via Google Meet

for any topics relating to wedding and family photography and running a photography business!

One-on-one sessions

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$350 + HST

Do you let photographers shadow you?
At this time, that is unfortunately something that I'm not able to offer! Particularly with wedding days (when I'm most frequently asked for this), there are too many moving parts to have another person shadowing me on the day. For portrait sessions, I find it takes away from the experience of my clients when they have someone there watching them! Their comfort is my priority, first and foremost.

I'll be releasing more options for hands-on, on-location training in 2021!

Do you teach photography lessons for beginners?
Photographers of any level are more than welcome to participate in any education services from LIBP! That being said, most content will be geared towards photographers who have been in business a minimum of 3-5 years.

I've been in business for a few years and am ready to grow but have no idea where to start. Any recommendations?
Yes! I just launched a brand new photography education community and it would be the perfect place for you! It's FREE, and we'll be covering monthly topics geared towards so many things like helping you attract your ideal client, find a better work/life balance, tools to streamline your business,
and so. Much. More.

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