If you…

* Are tired of feeling like managing your social media is a second full-time job

* Feel like you’re sliding backwards when you’re not creating content

* Get overwhelmed thinking about planning out your content so you only post when you can think of something to say

...You need to grab a copy of “Simplify Your Content”! Three simple steps to creating consistent content in an hour a week.

From planning, to caption writing, and streamlining the process, this is the exact system I use in my own business and I can't wait for you to start seeing results!

Simplify Your Content

I'm ready to
simplify my content!

simple steps to plan your content

confidently manage your social media

do more of what you love

Creating systems and workflows in my business was truly the biggest game-changer since I started out eight years ago. And if I'm being totally honest? A system to manage my social media content was one that I needed desperately.

Seeing the impact it had left me feeling like I had so much more capacity to take on work that I loved. I've become so passionate about helping other photographers build systems and workflows for their businesses because every photographer deserves to spend as much time as possible behind their cameras.

I mean, that’s why we got into this business, right?!

I can’t wait to see what kind of magic you create once you’ve got one less thing to manage day-to-day!

I'm sandra! (she/her)
owner of life is beautiful photography

xo Sandra

Picture this.

It’s Friday. You’re packing your camera bag for a wedding tomorrow, feeling refreshed, excited, and like you kicked ass this week. The only work you’ve had to do from your phone was replying to some comments on your Instagram posts, because on Monday you sat down for an hour and queued it all to auto-post throughout the week. Since you weren’t on your phone all the time, you weren’t feeling overwhelmed and had the energy to tackle some other projects. You finished some editing a week earlier than you planned, you booked a new client, and even took an afternoon off to go for a massage. When you scrolled Instagram, it was enjoyable instead of weighing you down, worried about what you “should” be doing...

This could be your reality. Simplify Your Content in three easy steps - buy your copy now!

start feeling confident in every aspect of your business - even social media

i'm ready to make this
my reality!


simplify your content

grab your copy

YES! I'm ready for social media confidence and a booked out calendar


*A Workbook and Step-by-Step Guide to simplifying your content

*50 Content Prompts

*National "Holidays" PDF

*Google Sheets Calendar Template

*Asana Project Template


grab your copy today, or reach out if you have any questions!

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