5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer
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One thing I’ve learned working at Stratford Ontario Weddings is that wedding planning can be stressful. I don’t want the search for the perfect photographer to be something that adds to that! I’m sharing five tips today to help make the process of choosing a photographer a little easier :)

Tip #1 – When Should You Book?

So far in the process, you’ve gotten engaged (congrats!), you’ve set your date, and you’ve booked your venue. I always recommend that your next step be finding that perfect photographer. One who will capture your wedding day for you in the best way possible! Keep in mind that prime dates (like Saturdays in June or October) can book up to two years in advance with some photographers! It’s never too early to start looking. With so many choices, you want to give yourself the time to shop around. See what’s out there without feeling like you “have to” go with one photographer or another because you’re running out of time.

Tip #2 – Setting Your Budget

Wedding packages are put together to include things like a certain number of hours of coverage on your wedding day, digital images, wedding albums, and engagement sessions. Each of these factors into the price of your wedding photography package. It’s also important to consider:
  • the time your photographer will spend corresponding with you over phone or email
  • the meetings you’ll have prior to the wedding
  • the time spent planning the specifics of the photography for your day
When you see a package that includes 5 hours for $2000, you’re not actually paying your photographer $400 per hour. Everything mentioned above, plus more, contributes to the cost. When you think of it that way, it helps set a realistic budget for your photography!

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Tip #3 – Look For The Style You Like

This is one of the most important tips I can give! Look for photographers who have a style that appeals to you to help sort through all your options. Rather than choosing a photographer and asking if they can shoot in the style you prefer, find someone who already excels in that style. You’ll be much, much happier with the process and the final outcome of your images!

Tip #4 – Meet With a Few Different Photographers for Stratford Ontario Weddings

Once you’ve decided on the style that appeals to you the most, make a shortlist of photographers in your area who fit that style. Then meet with them. Setting up a consultation before booking is always a great idea. Being in front of the camera is intimidating! You’re going to be spending the majority of your wedding day with your photographer. It’s so important to make sure that your personalities mesh well and that you feel comfortable with this person! It makes being in front of the camera a little less scary and will make the whole process more enjoyable for you.

Tip #5 – Hire Someone You Trust To Do The Job

Saving the most important for last! If you think that there is a chance your photographer isn’t going to show up; if you feel like there’s a chance they will miss any key moments… This photographer is not the right fit for you. After your consultation, you should leave feeling confident that they’re the perfect fit for your wedding day!

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… And that wraps it up! I hope you’re feeling a bit more prepared to tackle the next item off your wedding planning checklist. Good luck in your search, and happy planning ;)

Ready to talk more about working together on your Stratford Ontario wedding day?! Let’s set up a time to chat!

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