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| Tuesday Takeaways |   Ooohh social media. As a Toronto wedding photographer, it can feel like another job along with the one you already have, can’t it?! Showing up on social media is so important, but if you’re anything like me, you already have enough on your plate. The idea of adding even one […]

4 Social Media Tips You Need ASAP
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bride's earrings and bouquet

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Tuesday Takeaways Switching things up a bit on today’s Tuesday Takeaways! Here are 5 things I’m absolutely LOVING right now: Skittles Ever go through a “phase” where you can’t get enough of something? That’s how I’m feeling about Skittles right now. There’s a Costco-sized bag on my coffee table as I write this. Free to […]

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now
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Tuesday Takeaways

London Ontario Wedding Photographer Sandra Henderson of Life is Beautiful Photography stands with her husband on the edge of a lake in Kelowna BC