5 Tips For A Pandemic Wedding
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We weren’t sure any weddings in London, Ontario were even going to happen in 2020. But by the time August arrived, some couples were still able to walk down the aisle and say “I do!” – with a few modifications, of course.

After going through the ins-and-outs last year, I wanted to share five tips for your pandemic wedding!

bride and groom smiling at each other on a path at their wedding in london ontario

Stick With Your Venue

Last year, our restrictions closed venues at the beginning of the pandemic, so couples understandably started looking for other options for their wedding just-in-case. But later in the year, when restrictions were re-implemented, venues were allowed to stay open with higher guest counts than private residences. For weddings in London, Ontario, the venue staff weren’t counted towards the total headcount, either! (Though other vendors were)

There’s no way to know for sure, I expect this to be more of what we see in 2021!

Sticking with your venue will also take the pressure off of you when it comes to maintaining restrictions and regulations throughout your wedding day. The venue staff will take care of it and will make sure everyone is safe! The day-of restrictions may seem like a drag, but after doing a few weddings last year, overall they weren’t so bad.

bride at okanagan beach club wedding reception

No Dancing Allowed?

This is one of the most disappointing restrictions we’ve been navigating because everyone envisions the party they’re going to have with their guests during their reception. But I’ve seen some great alternatives!!

Last year there were LOTS of bonfires! It’s a great way to keep everyone warm while they’re outside when being indoors might not be possible.

Or, shift everything earlier in the day instead of rescheduling altogether and have a brunch wedding instead! These are some of my absolute favourite types of weddings to do even in “normal times”. Delicious breakfast food, lawn games, and everyone is home in time for an afternoon nap ;)

wedding guests mingle around a bonfire at a wedding in london ontario. a white tent for weddings is in the background.

Enjoy Yourselves In Comfort

With all the stress of trying to plan a wedding in a pandemic, the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about you or any of your guests getting sick. Things like switching to a served, plated dinner instead of a served buffet, having extra masks available, and of course – hand sanitizer everywhere (at entrances, at your guest book, on individual tables, at the bar, and in the bathrooms!) will make all the difference. They aren’t steps we ever thought we would have to include in wedding planning, but I think it’s time to embrace the changes and make the best of them to create a “Plan B” to your dream day. The waiting game is hard, and the truth is, we just don’t know how long events will be under restrictions for!

london ontario wedding reception decor

“I Don’t Want Masks In My Photos!”

I get it! Me neither, tbh.

But don’t let that be the deciding factor to ditch your venue. Most of the time that guests are wearing their masks, they typically aren’t having their photo taken, anyway! When they’re seated during the ceremony and reception, they’re usually able to take off their masks and this is when we’re taking candid photos. When you’re taking your formal photos – family, wedding party, and the newlyweds!– you’re typically outdoors, and able to take photos without masks safely.

a groom and a bride laugh listening to someone give a speech during their london ontario wedding

Decide, And Go With The Flow

For your own peace of mind, decide if you’re getting married this year or if you’re postponing, and then just go with the flow. I totally get it if you have your heart set on a big dance party with your family and friends and want to wait it out! Just keep in mind that some couples who postponed in 2020 are still looking at working with the same restrictions in 2021. Thinking about scaling back, but worried the day might not happen? I’m here for you! Just keep telling yourselves that the most important part is that “I do!” and make as many back-up plans as you need to to make it happen :)

Bonus Tip: Make sure you check with all of your vendors before settling on a new date, if you’re rescheduling. Find a date that works for everyone so you can still have your dream team of wedding vendors!

bride and groom kiss at sunset at their wedding in london ontario. the bride's veil blows in the wind

No matter what your wedding is looking like – this year or next – I’d love to talk more to make sure your photos capture it perfectly!

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