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In all the craziness of 2020, I tried really hard to practice gratitude as much as I could. It was my way of finding balance – finding just one thing to be grateful for. Some sort of silver lining to hold onto. It worked, some days better than others šŸ˜…

I started the year off recovering from surgery for endometriosis, and while I was resting I was coming up with all kinds of goals for 2020. Then just when I started getting back to work, everything started shutting down because of the pandemic. I tried to focus on showing up for my clients and my TuesdaysTogether community, but it was really hard to not watch the news constantly (something I’m sure so many of you can relate to).

The stress of it all – right after surgery for an unpredictable and chronic disease, without access to proper health care… It lead to a long two months that still seem surreal to me. I was dealing with a series of severe symptom flare-ups, and it left me struggling with the most necessary parts of my day. Things like being able to walk around my house or eat a full meal were impossible and took everything out of me. Finally being able to get back to my doctor when things started re-opening could not have been more of a relief!

mom and dad lift their daughters in the air on the beach with the water in the background during their family photo session by life is beautiful photography

While all of this was happening, I was worried… ok, terrified – about the impact it was going to have on my business. Showing up to my first weddings and family sessions was more stressful than it’s been since I started Life is Beautiful Photography! But the support I had from my clients, my husband and friends, and from Emily, is what got me out of my head and back to trusting myself and what I knew I was capable of.

I’m so grateful for each of them, and each of you, and for the chance to keep doing what I love because of your continued support!

The extra time I had, everything I was dealing with, and everything we were dealing with together… It caught us all off guard and is something I hope we never have to go through again. But I’m truly so thankful for the perspective 2020 gave me on what matters most, at least. It’s given me a new sense of clarity, peace, and excitement for the future that I haven’t felt in a loooooong-ass time!

Like so many business owners, I had to pivot to get through the year. But it became more important than ever to re-prioritize because I knew with everything in me that I wasn’t ready to give up on LIBP.

So, 2021 started with a clean slate, and my word of the year this year is “Renew”.

In order to make sure I can keep doing what I love and give the best of myself, I have to focus on what brings joy to my life and what I love bringing to the world every day!

That brings me here, to this post. The Future of Life is Beautiful Photography.

bride and groom kiss at sunset, the bride's veil blows in the wind; wedding photography by life is beautiful photography

What Comes Next

There will be changes upon changes, so much growth, and so many new things that I can’t wait to bring to you all! Some effective immediately (changes to services, packages, and pricing), and some slowly rolling out through the year (education for photographers, perks for Life is Beautiful Photography clients!).

Here’s a little sneak peek at what it’s all looking like so far:

*I am no longer offering newborn sessions or birth photography services. I will miss your adorable, freshly born little bundles SO much! But given the current health climate and the physical requirements for the job, I know in my heart it’s the right time. I highly recommend Raw Footage Photography for lifestyle sessions, Lace + Lavender Photography for lifestyle sessions and birth photography, or Woodgate Photography for studio newborn sessions instead! You will be in absolutely amazing hands having any of these women capture these moments for you.

*Maternity sessions will now only be available for existing and/or returning Life is Beautiful Photography clients. New client bookings for maternity sessions will not be accepted, but Raw Footage Photography, Lace + Lavender Photography, and Woodgate Photography are all amazing options for these sessions as well!

*Due to the unpredictability of pandemic restrictions, I have decided to end The Mini Club and will not be launching it for 2021. Seasonal Minis will still be available throughout the year, and I’ll be announcing some other client perksĀ instead!

*I’ve launched the beginning stages of the next phase of my business, focusing on photography business education! This has been a passion project close to my heart for so long, and I’m so excited to finally be sharing it with the world. It’s starting with a Facebook group for photographers who are ready to create their dream business with FREE educational content you can easily apply to your everyday life! It’s an amazing community of photographers there to support you, and you have me cheering you on every step of the way! JOIN HERE

… and that’s just the start, friends!

You know I love all things 90’s and hip-hop music, so I’m going to end this post with some inspiring words from the song “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” by Mase + Puff Daddy. I hope you’ll join me today, singing this LOUD!

“Can’t nobody take my pride
Can’t nobody hold me down. Oh no –
I got to keep on movin’…”

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