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Today we’re talking about what to wear for family photos in the summer!! (More of a visual learner? CLICK HERE to check out my Pinterest board for inspiration!)

Coordinate, Don’t Match

First, and most importantly, make sure your outfits are coordinated rather than matching.

I want to make these memories timeless for you so that down the road you don’t get the same feeling we do when we see those hilarious photos from the 80’s and early 90’s with laser beams on the backdrop. Coordinating your outfits helps with just that!

My husband, stepson and I do family photos every summer. We typically coordinate our outfits based on whatever I’m wearing, just because I find it easier to shop that way. Last year Matt wore a white shirt and navy blue shorts; Ethan wore a white shirt and khaki shorts, and I wore a long blue dress. This type of colour scheme helps break things up and adds a cohesive look to your photos! When everyone is wearing the exact same shirt and pants, it doesn’t differentiate each individual person and their amazingly unique characteristics the same way in a group photo.

Colour Choices

Speaking of colour choice… Think about how the colours will interact with the location you’ve chosen. A neon pink shirt for a beach mini session is going to be GLOWING pink, and will be an immediate distraction when you’re looking back at your photos. Your eyes will keep snapping back to that pink shirt every time! Neutral or soft colours are ideal because they keep the focus on you and your family – the most important part of the photo!

Wearing A Dress?

For anyone comfortable wearing a dress – flowy is best! ESPECIALLY if you’ll be doing photos on the beach. When I’m posing families I’m always tailoring it to their body types, outfit choices, ages of the kids, etc., and flowy dresses accentuate curves in all the right places while hiding the parts we want to in order to feel personally comfortable. Win-win, right?!


When it comes to choosing your footwear, considering the location is again really important. If you’re in a park, walking down a path for your photos, then having a mix of shoes and sandals isn’t nearly as noticeable. If you’re on a beach, however, and you and your kids are barefoot but your partner is wearing shoes – that’s going to stand out in your photos. Of course, there are exceptions in every situation and I’ll never force anyone to take their shoes off or do something they’re not comfortable doing – but it’s just something to consider!

The main goal when deciding what to wear for family photos is to make sure you and your family are the stars of the show – not just during your session, but afterwards when you have the memories hanging up on your walls, too. Piecing together outfits that help shift the focus to your faces and not add distractions, helps create the timeless memories you’re dreaming of!

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Now that you know what to wear for family photos, book your session before our calendar is full for the season! CLICK HERE to get more info

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