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I love working in family photography in London Ontario. I get to capture families with all kinds of unique stories about how they came to be! How people met. Birth stories. Newly blended families. Fostering. Adoption stories. It’s one of my favourite parts about what I do!

Sarah and Colin are long-time clients turned friends! I was so excited for them they asked me to take some updated photos of them with their foster son in 2021. While they were going through the adoption process I couldn’t share any photos, but just before Christmas in 2022, this family got what they had been waiting so long for…

Colt was officially adopted!

a family of 3 sit on steps together at the london ontario courthouse to celebrate their adoption announcement by family photography london ontario photographer life is beautiful photography
a family of 3 hold a letterboard sign celebrating an adoption

Here are some of my favourite moments from their sessions over the last year! (Including at one of my new favourite beaches for photos – Port Burwell!)

a little boy plays in the sand
a mom lifts her son in the air. family photography london ontario
a little boy laughs at the camera during a family photo session in port burwell
a little boy climbs on his mom's back while she holds him and laughs
a little boy with red hair and a green plaid shirt smiles at the camera. a fence and sand are visible behind him. family photography in london ontario.
a dad lifts his son in the air to put a star on top of a christmas tree
a dad, a little boy, and a mom all laugh together while sitting on the ground at manning tree farm. dad is holding two white dogs.
a little boy sits with two white dogs

It’s always such an honour to capture some of the most important moments of people’s lives. And even more of an honour to have them invite me back time and time again! Getting to watch families grow, and seeing the adventures their lives take them on, is just the best.

Are you going through the adoption process in your family right now? If want to get photos taken to document the moment in your life, please do reach out to us! We’re very familiar with the process at Life is Beautiful Photography. We are more than happy to keep your photos private for when (and if!) we can share them down the road :)

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