Elora Gorge Engagement Session
Laura + Kevin


This engagement session is one I had been looking forward to for SO long! A little back-story…

You’ll hear me say this a lot – one of my favourite parts of my job, is the connections that I get to make along the way. It’s so much more than just “shoot the wedding, deliver the photos, have a nice day!” to me, and that’s why I call everyone that I work with my LIBP Family :)

I first met Kevin and Laura when I photographed Kevin’s sister’s wedding in 2017. Then we travelled to Cuba together last year, for Amanda and Cam’s destination wedding, where Kevin was the best man and Laura helped the bridal party get ready for the big day! I remember being at a wedding last fall, checking my phone during a few minutes of downtime, and seeing a video pop up on my Instagram feed. Kevin walked out onto the baseball field during Laura’s game, and I had so many happy tears watching as he popped the question and her team, their friends and family all cheered and celebrated. It was the perfect moment and I was so happy for them!

I was too excited when Laura got in touch and asked to meet to talk more about working together on their wedding day. And then it came time for their engagement session!

We took a little adventure to Elora Gorge, and their dog George came along for some photos, too. It just wouldn’t have been the same without him! We have some beautiful parks in London, and don’t get me wrong – they make really great locations for engagement sessions! But there’s just something about getting outside the city and adding some adventure to an engagement session that just makes a world of difference.

And now, from their first impressions to wedding planning in a pandemic, and what’s on their bucket list – here’s more of Laura and Kevin’s story, in their words :)

a couple stands along the grand river


What were your first impressions when you met?

Laura- “WOW this guy looks like Nick Jonas!” 

Kevin- she’s really into sports/softball!


a couple leans against a rock wall in the elora gorge during their engagement session


What made you two connect so well in the beginning?

Our big connection was going to my baseball games. We both grew up playing baseball and when he stopped he connected with me through the sport- giving us the ability to talk about it, our love for it and how it made us grow as people. Kevin is very easy to talk so for me (laura) it was comforting knowing that he’s very personable and knowledgeable about a lot. Plus, country girl meets city boy, we had a lot of differences to talk and joke about!


an engaged couple with fall leaves during their engagement session


Who said “I love you” first?

Kevin did- at my (Laura) best friend’s wedding! (love must’ve been in the air haha)


a couple at elora gorge during their engagement session a couple with their dog at elora gorge for their engagement session a black and white photo of a couple along the grand river at elora gorge


What is your secret to a great relationship?

Communication- we are big people on voicing our opinions, saying how we feel but also making sure we can joke about things too. We aren’t very serious people and try to make light of situations so that we don’t get heated up! Respect for one another is a big one. I would never do something that I wouldn’t appreciate if Kevin did to me and we have that fair playing field.


a couple kisses on a rock in the grand river ontario wedding photographer


What are the 3 best words you would use to describe each other?

Kevin about Laura- honest, smart, passionate 

Laura about Kevin- goofy, driven, confident


a couple kisses in elora gorge ontario wedding photographer a couple kisses in elora gorge during their engagement session


Favorite thing to do on a date night?

Go out for food/ to watch sports – Go to place is nachos and Somersbys at Chuck’s!!


a couple snuggles with their dog during their engagement session at elora gorge a couple laughs along the grand river at elora gorge


Favorite type of movie to watch together?



an engaged couple at elora gorge a man twirls his fiance along the grand river


What are some ways that you prioritize your relationship during the wedding planning process?

Always making sure that we talk to one another before making decisions- communicating what we both wanted; it’s OUR wedding not individualized. Figuring out what is important and what isn’t at that time- see what needed to be done and what could wait to avoid stressing ourselves out.


an engaged couple kisses along the river during their engagement session


What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?

George in a tie haha! Having a big celebration with our friends and family that have been through it all with us along the way!


a couple plays with their dog during their engagement session


What has been your favorite part of wedding planning so far?

Checking off the big things we wanted to get done. I think the biggest was picking the venue. That’s ultimately where we get to vow to each other and become united- we wanted that place to hold a special place in our hearts for a long time!


an engaged couple plays with their dog in the fall leaves


What is one thing that has surprised you about planning a wedding?

Planning it during Covid haha. How many emails and questions from each vendor about details you don’t know anything about yet.


a couple kisses and poses with their dog ontario wedding photographer


What are some things on your bucket list together?

Going to Australia, travelling to more baseball parks, getting George a brother ;)


a couple snuggles by the grand river during their engagement session

Does an engagement session at an adventurous location sound like everything you’ve been dreaming of?!
Then we MUST talk more about working together on your wedding day!

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