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Let’s be real, those first few weeks with a newborn are wild. Sleep deprivation becomes your norm and laundry piles take on a life of their own. But between the chaos, there’s this magical quiet – a sweet spot of connection between you and your tiny human. These precious moments deserve to be captured, and that’s where I came in for Angelica and DJ at their in-home newborn session in London, Ontario.

Angelica reached out to me for an in-home newborn session earlier this year. They wanted photos that felt authentic, capturing the snuggles and chill moments happening in their own space. I totally get it – there’s a certain comfort level that comes with familiar surroundings, especially in those early, tender days.

Home Sweet Home (with the Cutest Nursery Ever!)

Angelica and DJ welcomed me into their beautiful home, and the love practically radiated off the walls. Their nursery was a haven of soft colours and the most adorable little bits of décor. Davina, this tiny human was pure perfection with the sleepiest little face, was an absolute dream to photograph. Like most newborns, she had her moments where she got a little fussy, but that’s where dad stepped in. He already has a special bond with his daughter that gives him the magic touch! A few gentle pats and calming whispers, and Davina was all snuggled up in his arms, peaceful as can be.

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Capturing the Quiet Magic

These quiet moments are where I captured some of my favourite images. Angelica cradling Davina close, her face glowing with pure love and awe. Soft light streamed through the window, bathing them in a glow from a storybook scene. Angelica looked on at her husband and daughter with a smile that could melt glaciers.

The Beauty of the Real Deal

One of the things I love most about in-home newborn sessions is capturing these candid interactions. There’s no pressure to pose or have Davina wear a specific outfit (although, let’s be honest, those tiny newborn clothes are ridiculously cute!). Instead, the focus is on the raw emotions and genuine connections that define this early stage of parenthood.

Preserving the Memories (and the Sleepless Nights!)

As I wrapped up the session, Angelica and DJ thanked me, their eyes sparkling with a mix of exhaustion, eager to take advantage of a visit from Grandma so they could take a much-needed nap. These sessions are a way to remember those precious first days with their daughter – and that’s what makes my job so incredibly rewarding. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about capturing the story of a family, the love that binds them together, and the quiet magic that unfolds in the most ordinary moments.

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