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London Ontario weddings have wrapped for the year here at Life is Beautiful Photography! But it’s always easier to transition out of wedding season with amazing sessions like this one.

Ashley and Tim’s engagement session was a dream!

They got engaged over Christmas in 2020, and just in time for their engagement session, we had a days of snow and the tree lighting downtown – adding the perfect Christmas touch to their photos :)

Here are some of my favourite moments, with an inside look at Ashley and Tim’s story!


What were your first impressions when you met?

Ashley: I thought he was incredibly handsome and charming!

Tim: She seemed nice, but quiet – how wrong I was! :)

a couple sits together with their dog on the steps of the old courthouse in london ontario

What made you two connect so well in the beginning?

When we started talking we found out we had so much in common! We liked the same movies, TV shows, and had similar values, opinions and the same sense of humour. We both moved to Toronto from smaller areas (Ashley – Cape Breton, NS, Tim – Wellesley, ON) and were trying to navigate life in the big city!

a couple kisses in the snow at london ontario weddings venue the old courthouse

Who said “I love you” first?


a couple stands in the snow in front of a snowy tree by london ontario weddings photographer life is beautiful photography

What is your secret to a great relationship?

It sounds hokey, but open and honest communication. Don’t assume the other will always know what you want or need at any given time and don’t be afraid to ask!

a man twirls a woman around in the snow as they walk across the bridge in ivey park

What are the 3 best words you would use to describe each other?

Ashley for Tim: Kind, calm, goofy

Tim for Ashley: passionate, incisive, hilarious

a couple walks together in the snow at victoria park

Favorite thing to do on a date night?

During the pandemic, we couldn’t go to restaurants, or the movies so we started cooking together. Our favorite thing to do is find a new recipe and cook dinner together! Add a bottle of wine, some music and some candle lights and voila! Perfect date night!

a couple holds hands and walks with their dog in the snow

Favorite type of movie to watch together?

Usually big blockbusters we’ve seen a million times over!

a couple kisses in front of a snowy tree in victoria park. london ontario weddings

What are some ways that you prioritize your relationship during the wedding planning process?

Communication, communication, communication! We have constant check-ins with each other to see how we are feeling and what we ‘really’ want out of our wedding day.

a couple holds hands and smiles at one another while standing in front of a wall made of wood

What are you looking forward to for your wedding day?

Having all our friends and family in the same place at the same time!

a man hugs and kisses his fiance by london ontario weddings photographer life is beautiful photographhy

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning so far?

Our engagement shoot was so much fun, and worked out better than either of us thought it would! We were worried the snow would ruin our plans, but fortunately, it only added to the romance and fun of it all! Felt like we were in our own personal Hallmark Christmas movie!

a couple walks along the path in victoria park while it's snowing heavily

What is one thing that has surprised you about planning a wedding?

Tim: surprised that I would enjoy the planning part so much because all I ever heard was how hard it was!

Ashley: that we would be planning our wedding during a pandemic lol

a man kisses a woman on the cheek while standing in front of a snowy christmas tree

What are some things on your bucket list together?

We want to travel together and see the world!


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