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Have you ever looked at London Ontario Family Photography packages and had a hard time deciding which was the right one for you? Or have you ever booked a session and worried, “I hope this is enough time…”?

I’m breaking down the three family photography collections that I offer and hope it will help when you’re booking your family photos this year!

family photos in port stanley; mom and dad lift their daughters in the air on the beach with the water in the background

Something Extra Collection

The Something Extra Collection includes an hour-long session. It’s a great option because it offers the most flexibility! You can choose two locations, do an outfit change part-way through, and receive an unlimited number of digital photos in your gallery afterward. Booking is available year-round!

These sessions are ideal for larger families (groups of up to 6 people) and babies that are around 6-18 months old. They are not great for toddlers and younger kids, though. They tend to lose interest partway through!

family photos in springbank park; grandparents with kids and grandkids on a tree-lined path

Short & Sweet Collection

This is the most popular family collection I offer!

The session takes place at one location of your choice and is 30 minutes long. When you receive your gallery you get to choose 15 photos to download. Then you have the option of ordering additional photos if you’d like to! Like the Something Extra Collection, this is available to book year-round.

They’re ideal for young kids and families regularly updating their sessions who are wanting the flexibility of choosing their own date and location.

london ontario family photography fall family photos in springbank park; families snuggle on a path

Seasonal Mini Sessions

As the name implies, these sessions happen seasonally, and at specific locations on select dates and times only. It’s the cheapest of all three options, because it is a promotional offer! The session is 15 mins long, and when you receive your gallery you get to select 10 photos of your choice, of course with the option to order additional photos if you would like. With this option, due to time constraints, groups larger than 6 people are required to book two back-to-back appointments.

london ontario family photography family photos in springbank park; family plays with bubbles

Something To Consider…

Something important to consider when you’re making your selection:

It’s not just ‘how much time we’ll need to get the kids to cooperate.’ Of course, it’s not a guarantee and every kid and photographer has their off-days, but for the most part, an experienced photographer can get through any nerves or anyone not listening to get the photos needed in the duration you’ve booked.

What it’s also about is ‘how long everyone will enjoy themselves for’. That includes kids AND parents! When the kids start to lose interest, parents start getting frustrated, and then no one is having fun. We’ve ALL been there and that’s not what anyone wants!

Sometimes less is more. Adjust your expectations and have some fun with your family. Capture some amazing memories rather than focusing on trying to get that one photo where everyone is sitting still with perfect smiles! You’re going to be so happy with the outcome, have a stress-free time at your session, and have photos that are truly “you” to look back on, no matter how long your session was!

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