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Years ago, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this family when Kayla and Colin got married. Some of the candids from that day are still in my top favourite wedding photos ever!

I was so excited when Kayla emailed me to let me know she, Colin and their sons (new additions since we last saw one another!) were coming to visit Kayla’s family, and they wanted to capture the moment with some family photos in London Ontario while they were here. I’ve booked more extended family sessions this year than ever before and I’m LOVING seeing everyone reuniting with their loved ones!

We were joined by Kayla’s dad, her brothers, and their families, and had the best time together at Celebration Forest and Westminster Ponds. Nolan, the oldest of the grandkids, helped me snap a few photos along the way and even kept a look out to make sure there was nothing dangerous in our path :) <3

Here are some of my favourite moments from their session, and Kayla shared more about her family and how they prioritize their time together!

a family of four stands with their dog for family photos in london ontario

What is your favorite thing about each kid at their current age? What makes them each unique and different from each other?

Nolan loves learning! He’s always observing and asking questions. He also has an amazing sense of humour.

Claire is so adventurous, determined and has no fear! She has never been one to sit still. She also has an infectious laugh and is always smiling.

Tatum is curious and silly, he is constantly trying to make people laugh (and looking for a reaction!). He is also always in the mood for a good cuddle!

Haley is very observant and is always on the move! She loves grabbing her feet, rolling around and she’s starting to crawl! She also has the best smile that lights up the room!

two little boys with blonde hair sit on wooden steps

a mother kisses her son on the head family photos london ontario

What is each kid’s favorite activity?

Nolan loves swimming and is excited to start playing hockey in the fall.

Claire loves water, music and is a social butterfly.

Tatum loves bath time and playing with anything that isn’t actually a toy (phones, remotes, etc)

Haley loves water and rolling around.

All of these kids are water babies! They all love baths and being in the pool or lake.

a dad holds his son on his hip and they both smile at the camera family photos london ontario

a husband and wife smile and the wife is holding their son in her arms

a black and white photo of four children sitting on a blanket

What do you love to do together as a family?

We love swimming in Opa’s pool! We just got back from a week-long camping trip on Manitoulin Island where we all enjoyed spending time on the beach, swimming in Lake Huron, walking on the boardwalk every evening, and campfires. Since we live so far from each other we love spending quality time together.

a man sits with four children on cement steps, with tall grass behind them family photos london ontario

How do you prioritize family time in a busy world?

In our own little families, we prioritize dinner time, we all like to sit down together to eat and talk about our days. We also like to plan family time whether that be a trip to the zoo or a picnic in the park.

As a group, we make time for each other, especially when we are all in the same place. As Hillary puts it, when we visit from Calgary, it’s quality over quantity. We may only get back once or twice a year, but when we are here we are focused on uninterrupted family time.

a mother, father, two sons and a dog pose in front of westminster ponds

With an unlimited budget, where would your dream family vacation be? What about your kids’ dream vacation?

I think everyone, adults and children, would say Disney! We can’t wait until all the kids are old enough and we can do a big family trip with all of them. We did an all-inclusive trip to Mexico altogether a few years ago and we would love to do another trip to a different destination sometime soon!

a mother kisses her son on the cheek family photos london ontario

What’s the funniest or most amazing thing your kids have done recently?

Haley is just starting to crawl!

Tatum has taken his first steps!

Claire has started walking!

Nolan has learned to swim all on his own!

a dad stands with his four adult children

What TV show/movie can your kids just not get enough of right now?

Claire, Tatum and Haley don’t watch tv just yet, but Nolan can’t get enough of Raya and the Last Dragon and Planes Fire & Rescue.

a black and white photo of a family laughing and smiling as they walk together across grass

What have your kids taught you about life? 

To slow down and enjoy every minute. They grow so fast so we are trying to soak in and appreciate every stage. They’ve also taught us to take alll the photos and videos so we don’t forget anything and can always look back at those funny/cute moments.
two couples stand together in front of tall grass

What advice would you give to your past selves when you were brand new parents?

Don’t stress over every little thing, and enjoy the newborn stage. The laundry and cleaning can wait if baby falls asleep on you, enjoy it! Those newborn snuggles don’t last long enough. Take photos and videos, and write down all their milestones or funny sayings. I so wish I could remember some of the things Nolan used to say!
a grandfather stands with his grandchildren

What do you love about being a parent?

Everything! I love watching them gain confidence and independence as they grow. I love snuggling at bedtime as we read a story together. I love watching each of them grow into their own person and seeing their unique personalities shine through!
siblings and their spouses stand with their arms around one another

What has been your proudest parenting moment so far?

Watching these kids master new skills and check off milestones! They are all so smart! Most of all they are all very happy kids! They are all full of smiles and giggles.

Let’s connect to talk more about your next Family Photos in London Ontario, shall we?! Bookings for fall are filling up quickly! CLICK HERE to get in touch.


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