Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid


Sending a huge congratulations out to all the newly engaged couples out there! We’re so excited for you to get started on your wedding planning adventure!

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed in the beginning. That’s totally normal – but we’re here to help make things easier for you every step of the way.

Today’s blog post is all about the most common mistakes you want to avoid when you start wedding planning:

Mistake #1 – Not Hiring A Wedding Planner

There are more benefits to hiring a wedding planner than I can fit in this blog post. The perfect planner will help your wedding day dreams come to life. They’ll help you with budgeting and finding the perfect vendors for your day. They’ll help with the creative design process. They’ll make sure everything is set up and staying on schedule. The list is endless!

If I were to make one single change to my own wedding, hiring a wedding planner in the very beginning would be it!

Mistake #2 – Rushing Through The Wedding Planning Process

Giving yourself time to go through the wedding planning process at a more relaxed pace might not seem like much in the beginning… But when you look back on it all, it’s something you’ll never regret doing.

It gives you more time to find the perfect vendors to make your day come to life. You don’t want to be disappointed that your favourite vendors are already booked! You also won’t have to pay any surcharges for booking services on short notice.

Any way you can eliminate stress from the process is worth doing!

Mistake #3 – Not Taking Time For One Another

No matter how long you’ve been together or what stage of life you’re in, it’s so important to always keep dating your partner.

There will be times in your wedding planning journey when you’re feeling stressed. It’s in those times that you need to remember why you decided to make this commitment to one another to begin with!

Press “pause” on all things wedding planning and spend some quality time together with no “wedding talk” allowed!

Looking for some more tips to help with planning your dream wedding? Keep scrolling!

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