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As a wedding photographer in London, Ontario, I’ve seen some amazing, and some not-so-ideal locations for getting ready.

When you’re choosing a location the first thing considered is typically the distance to your wedding venue. But what should you consider when it comes to using that space for your “getting ready” photos?!

I’m here to help!

Keep reading for my top tips!

Two photos of a bride getting ready for her wedding day. Photo 1 - Close-up of hands doing up buttons on the back of the bride's dress. Photo 2- a bridesmaid puts on the bride's shoes. Photos by Wedding Photographer in London Ontario Life is Beautiful Photography

Dressing Room

When you’re choosing where to get ready on your wedding day, here are some important things you want to look for for the best photos!

  • Light, neutral coloured walls
  • Lots of window light
  • As much space as possible

This can be a living room, dining room, master bedroom, hotel room. Even a bathroom!

If you want privacy while you’re changing, here’s what I suggest:

Option #1 – Have everyone else wait in another room/outside if you’re getting ready in a common area, except for the designated people who will be helping you get into your dress for photos.

Option #2 – You to get into your dress in a separate room, and save the finishing touches, like doing up the back of your dress, for when you come out to the area we’re taking your photos. This works well, but takes away from the moment a bit, and I can’t count how many times a mom has decided to “just do up the whole thing since she was there anyway” and the bride has come out of the room fully dressed.

In terms of photography, no photos will be taken of you in your undergarments – of course, unless you’ve asked! We wait until you’re covered up before we begin snapping any photos – and so should your photographer unless you’ve consented to otherwise.

Two photos of a wedding dress hanging in a tree. Photo one is a wide photo of the full dress. Photo 2 is a close-up of the hanger in a tree, which has the name Jenny painted on it.

Detail Photos

If you’re dreaming of having a photo of your wedding dress hanging from a tree outside, you’ll want to make sure there is suitable space for that to happen.

  • Is the only tree with a usable branch, right beside your BBQ and garbage bins? As much as I want you to have the photos you’re dreaming of, something like this is not ideal and photographers can only work so much magic!
  • We come prepared with all sorts of little tricks, like 3M hooks and hangers in case they’re needed, but if there are specific shots you’re wanting it’s important to consider all of the factors. And if you’re not sure – just email your photographer to talk it through with you!

A groom stands with a groomsman on each side. They are all standing with their hands in their pockets, smiling at the camera. Photo by Wedding Photographer in London Ontario Life is Beautiful Photography

Formal Photos

The last portion of the “getting ready” part of the day is typically any formal photos you’re wanting to include, whether with your parents, other family members, or your wedding party!

I can’t recommend strongly enough, to have an outdoor location lined up for these photos whenever possible. When you do these photos indoors before the ceremony, there are so many elements that can distract from the moment. Furniture, belongings, glare from windows and doorways, TV’s in the background, etc.

Photographers are also REALLY good at making sure your wedding dress stays clean, and everyone stays looking their absolute best for the ceremony!

Some of my favourite local spots for ‘getting ready’ photos are The Elm Hurst Inn and Delta London Armouries. The rooms and outdoor spaces are perfect, with an indoor option for back-up if the weather isn’t ideal!



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