Wedding First Looks | Why You Should Consider Having One


Let’s talk about Wedding First Looks.

When I think back on the moment my dad walked me down the aisle on my wedding day, it wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. As I looked toward Matt, my grandma stepped out into the aisle with her iPad to take a photo of my dad and me.

As she stood there, I couldn’t have been more thankful that Matt and I had done a first look earlier in the day!

We had already had our chance to see one another for the first time, so this “walk down the aisle” moment wasn’t ruined. Instead, we have a great story to add to the memories of the day 😂

I know there’s something to be said about that traditional moment… Seeing one another for the first time as you walk down the aisle. But I can’t recommend it enough that you consider doing a “first look” instead!

It’s A Private Moment

It’s a private moment for just the two of you before the ceremony, where you’ll see each other for the first time. You’ll have all the emotions captured in an unobtrusive way to allow you to have the moment to yourselves. Once you give the cue, you’ll begin your ‘newlywed’ portraits!

Have a private moment without so many other sights and sounds to distract you. It’s so great! But there’s another benefit to having a first look:


It gives you a bit of flexibility with your timeline if there happens to be rain in your forecast. If there is rain in the forecast for later in the day, you’ll already have had a chance to get your portraits finished! Once family photos are finished, you can enjoy some drinks and appetizers with your guests. Or, you can take some time to yourselves until the reception begins.

And if it happens to rain earlier in the day? Cocktail hour gives you another opportunity to capture any portraits you weren’t able to take.

Having a backup option like this will give you some comfort. No more having to check your weather app five times a day leading up to your wedding!

The Day Is Yours

With all this being said – a first look should never be mandatory. Your vendor team has lots of experience with all kinds of wedding days and all kinds of weather. If that traditional “walk down the aisle” moment is important to you, that’s okay too!

Create the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of. Lean on your vendors to find the best way to make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible :)

Let me know if you have any questions about Wedding First Looks or aren’t sure which option you’d like to choose and I’m happy to talk more about it! CLICK HERE to get in touch or drop them in the comments below!

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