To My Husband, On His Birthday!


Before I started writing this, I decided to flip back to my post for you last year. I was so excited for our wedding day, and guess what?! It happened! We did it. A month and a half ago you officially became my husband, and it has been wonderful <3

So much has happened since that last post, but so many things are still the same – the way I feel about you, the way you support me and my dreams, how inspiring it is to see what a wonderful father you are… But our support in one another has started paying off in so many other ways. There is no one else I would rather travel the world with, or have by my side through the big things like buying houses and cars and of course, one day, building our little family into something¬†even more amazing than the one¬†we already have. We may be getting older, but I just keep getting more excited for all of the things to come on this adventure we’re on together!

In the past, you’ve worked so hard to keep me and Ethan happy, always putting us first no matter what the cost, and we’ll never be able to thank you for that. But we are so happy to now see how hard you’ve been working on yourself. You set a goal and you’ve been working so hard to achieve it, and we’re so proud of you for it.

So, my amazing husband, today we celebrate you and all the wonderful things about you. I love you, forever and always. Happy Birthday!!

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