How much does a wedding photographer cost?


How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Let’s talk BUDGET for wedding photography, friends!

I think we can all agree that one of the most stressful things about wedding planning is setting a budget. When I planned my wedding, the only thing more stressful was planning our guest list 😅

When it comes to finding a photographer to capture your wedding day, you’re going to find hundreds of options (and that might even be an understatement). There are so many styles, and even more price points, available to you.

It’s important to remember that wedding photography will be one of the “bigger ticket” items for your wedding – and, in all honesty, rightfully so. Your wedding photos are the way you’ll remember every moment for years to come as your memories start to fade. They’ll be what you pass on to your grandchildren. What your kids look back on as they grow old.

There is a photographer for every budget, but on average, it’s common to expect to pay around $4000+ for 8 hours of wedding photography coverage! Photographers often include other things like engagement sessions, digital files, heirloom albums, and print credits in their packages, as well.

Advice From The Experts

I spoke with my friend Jess, wedding planner and owner of Bonafide Events Studio, and asked her if she had any advice for couples:

“My advice is this… Wedding photos are an investment for your memories and this is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Get the photographer you love and who you feel the most comfortable with. Your wedding planner will crunch the numbers to ensure everything else works but do not limit yourself in this area of your budget. When years have passed, your photos are the only heirlooms that will help you remember your wedding day – how can you put a budget limit on that? But of course, if your budget is $25,000, don’t spend more than a quarter of your budget on photography. I’m good but I’m not that good and my goal is to ensure you always stick to your budget and still have the wedding of your dreams with the most amazing photos to prove it!”

Click here to get a free checklist to help figure out how much wedding photography coverage you’ll need on your wedding day – the biggest factor to answering that question – how much does a wedding photographer cost?!

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