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Fernwood Hills is such a gorgeous venue. Though the beauty of it all faded away as soon as Amanda and Luke were in front of the camera. The love they have for one another is the kind that, even as a wedding photographer, is so rare to see. I loved every second of capturing the magic of their wedding day!

We were chasing the rain as their first look started. The skies thankfully stayed clear as they had a moment together on the bridge. When the rain did start, we headed over to the pavilion to stay dry and took advantage of the space for the rest of their photos. They held onto hope that the rain would clear up in time to have their ceremony in the open, outdoor space like they had planned… But when that couldn’t happen, the pavilion was quickly turned into a beautiful ceremony area. Before long, Amanda and Luke finally said “I Do!”
The sun was shining by the time family photos started, and the weather for the rest of the day was perfect. After a few more photos at Fernwood Hills, we headed to Amanda and Luke’s home for their backyard reception. The rest of the night was filled with so much laughter as they celebrated with their family and friends.
Here are some of my favourite moments, with Amanda sharing more about the day!

a wedding dress hangs in a tree at fernwood hills a group of 5 women laugh together while holding champagne and wearing matching pink robes

Were you nervous, or calm and excited while getting ready?

Amanda: I was excited while getting ready in the morning (once the iced coffee kicked in)! I was so happy to be surrounded by my closest friends, and to be able to share in special moments with them while getting ready! I did start to get a little nervous once my lovely photographer and videographer arrived at the venue as everything started to get more “real.”

a bride gets her wedding dress done up by her mother a close up photo of hands putting in an earring a bride reads a message to her mom written on a handkerchief during her wedding at fernwood hills a bridesmaid in a pink dress puts on a bride's high heeled shoe

How did your bridal party/family help you in the beginning of the day?

Amanda: My amazing Maid of Honour picked me up at what seemed like the crack of dawn (approx. 5:50 am, yikes!) and we met the rest of the bridal party at the venue. My bridesmaids brought my favourite iced coffee treat and made sure there was a beautiful charcuterie spread for us to snack on throughout the day. They made our ‘getting ready’ morning SO much fun. We played music, had great chats and just enjoyed being together on such a special day. My mom came to the venue early to see everyone. She helped me get into my wedding gown and was the first person to see me ready. It was a very special moment, with all the tears of joy! My friends and family kept me calm, cool and collected!

a bride holds her bouquet and smiles at the camera at fernwood hills a bouquet of white and pink flowers and lots of greenery by harris flowers bridesmaids see the bride for the first time and smile with excitement a bride and four bridesmaids wearing pink dresses, all hold bouquets and smile at the cameraa bride walks across grass at fernwood hills a bride walks up behind a groom on a wooden bridge at fernwood hills for their first look

Did you do a first look at Fernwood Hills? If so, what was that moment like?

Amanda: We did a first look and it was pure magic. I know it is not the most traditional way to start the wedding day, but personally, I loved being able to have that moment with just my future husband and I, on what was going to be a very busy day.

Let me paint the picture: he was looking all handsome standing in the forest on a wooden bridge awaiting for a tap on the shoulder. I got butterflies while walking up to him and asked him to turn around by saying something along the lines of, “Hey you sexy beast, turn around” (if you know me, you know this is typical). He will tell you that he could hear me before he could see me as my dress was swishing and giving me away. It was such a beautiful and private moment to be able to watch him light up when he saw me for the first time. We shared a big hug, kiss and probably some butt smacks knowing us! On a more practical note, this allowed us to take some couples photos with Sandra prior to the ceremony, which significantly cut down on photo-taking time after the ceremony (AKA we got to enjoy our guests longer as we arrived at the cocktail hour sooner as we weren’t taking too many photos after the ceremony).

a groom sees his bride for the first time and smiles a bride and groom kiss on a wooden bridge during their first look at fernwood hills

What were your thoughts when you first saw each other?

Luke: I thought she looked beautiful. I thought she looked elegant and understated.
Amanda: I thought, “how lucky am I to be marrying this stud?” I thought he looked so handsome in his suit. His smile is contagious.

a bride and groom stand together and smile at the camera a bride and groom walk across grass at fernwood hills a groom twirls a bride around with her arm above her head on a wooden bridge at fernwood hills a bride and groom hug each other with their faces turned towards the camera while taking photos at fernwood hills a bride and groom kiss on a wooden bridge at fernwood hills a bride twirls in her once upon a time weddings wedding gown a bride and groom kiss

What moments of your day will you never forget?

Amanda: I will never forget the way I felt when Luke and I met on the bridge for our first look, it felt like time stopped and we got to enjoy a special moment just for us. I will also never forget the beautiful speeches given by our family and friends, or dancing the night away under the stars!

a bride laughs while the groom kisses her cheek at fernwood hillsa bride and groom pose for individual photos, both smiling at the camera rotating women and men stand in a line at fernwood hills a wedding party cheers on a bride and groom as they kiss bridesmaids in pink dresses pose with a bride at fernwood hillsa groom walks his parents down the aisle at fernwood hills

How did you feel when you walked down the aisle?

Amanda: When I walked down the aisle, I was feeling extremely excited/happy to finally be marrying my best friend and partner in crime. My mom and I were walking together hand-in-hand under an umbrella, it was such a special moment to have her “give me away” to Luke! I couldn’t stop smiling and seeing Luke and all our friends and family as I made my way down the aisle was priceless.

a bride walks down the aisle at fernwood hills with her mom, who is holding an umbrella above their heads the bride kisses her mom on the cheek a bride and groom hold hands and smile while their officiant speaks behind them wedding ceremony at fernwood hills a view of the wedding ceremony from outside the pavilion at fernwood hills the groom puts a ring on the bride's finger the bride puts a ring on the groom's finger the groom signs the marriage license wedding ceremony at fernwood hills the bride and groom share their first kiss

What are you looking forward to the most about being married?

I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the man who makes me smile each and every day and balances me perfectly. I am excited to travel, make memories and just enjoy the next chapter in our lives together as a team!

the wedding party poses in a group with sun shining through the trees behind them a bride poses with her bridal party at fernwood hills the groom and groomsmen laugh together while walking towards the camera at fernwood hills a wedding party poses in a forest at fernwood hills a wedding party walks and laughs together while the bride and groom lean in and kiss at fernwood hills a bride twirls in her wedding gown from once upon a time weddings a groom adjusts his tie

a groom whispers in a bride's ear, resting his hand on her shoulder while she laughs

What advice would you give to a newly engaged couple?

The advice I would give to any newly engaged couple is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Will everything go absolutely perfect on your wedding day? The truth is, probably not, but did you still get to marry your favourite person in the world? Yes. Keep the focus on what is important and let the little details go! Your guests are not going to notice if the cake topper isn’t straight, they are going to remember the smiles, laughter and memories made on your big day!

a groom kisses a bride on her cheekframes on a table draped in white lace a picture frame that reads "sign the guest book" books and greenery on a table a floral arrangement centrepiece on a sweetheart table a dessert table at a wedding a white wedding cake with blue and orange flowers a group of wedding guests applaud the bride and groom the wedding party dances across a wooden patio deck the bride and groom dance in front of a red brick wall

Did you whisper anything sweet in each others ears during the first dance?

Amanda: During our first dance, Luke told me how beautiful I looked in between whispering “quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow” to keep me from tripping over my own feet and my large dress as we danced. We practiced our dance moves in the kitchen each night (twerking is more my style), but he knew I needed all the help I could get. He tossed in a few twirls and spins as well. Who knew that I married a dancing machine?

the bride and groom dance in front of a red brick wall

How excited were you for the food at the reception? What did you eat?

Amanda: Luke and I were both VERY excited for the food at the reception. Our caterer (Sticky Pudding) was amazing and provided a delicious meal for us and our guests. We did a 3 course plated meal, starting with Caesar salad. Next, we had stuffed chicken and or beef tenderloin with seasonal vegetables and cheesy mashed potatoes. Lastly, we had chocolate cake and or strawberry Creme Brulee for dessert.

the bride and groom smile at one another while sitting at their table listening to speeches the parents of the groom give a speech maid of honour in a pink dress gives a speech best man in a navy suit from moore's gives a speech

What did you love about your vendors?

Amanda: I LOVED working with our photographer, Sandra, from beginning to end! The entire process from booking, planning and executing the day was flawless. The online questionnaires and zoom meetings ensured all the details of the day were covered with what we were hoping to capture! The pictures are beautiful and will give us memories to last a lifetime. The rest of our vendors were incredibly professional from the DJ who kept us dancing all night to the videographer who worked with us to capture the day as well!

the bride and groom cut their wedding cake the bride and groom feed one another cake

What are your honeymoon plans?

Amanda: Luke and I spent 10 days in British Columbia exploring and going on adventures together. We hiked, kayaked and enjoyed spending some uninterrupted time together as husband and wife.

the bride dances with her brother while the bridesmaids watch from the foreground

Vendor Love

Ceremony Venue: Fernwood Hills
Officiant: HD Officiants
Flowers: Harris Flower Farm
Wedding Gown: Once Upon A Time Weddings
Hair: Caitlyn Marriott
Makeup: London Makeup Artistry
Suits: Moore’s
Catering: Sticky Pudding
Baker: Grandma’s Oven Bakery
DJ: DJ Alpha Productions
Videography: Nick Charlebois


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