Instagram – Do I Really Need It For My Business?


The world of social media is forever changing, but the one thing that is still ringing true is that having a presence on social media is the best thing that you can do for your business.

Whether you’ve only made an attempt at using Facebook or have been using it in your business for years, you’ll likely be very familiar with the fact that the algorithms of Facebook – that is, the behind-the-scenes structure that determines what we see and when – really limits the reach that business pages get without paying for advertising. And now that Instagram has adapted the same type of structure, we’re left wondering if the end result will be the same.

So, if your reach is going to be limited on Instagram, too, is it really worth all of the extra time and effort?

Yes, Yes, and more Yes!


The biggest, and most important reason, is engagement.

Instagram has a significantly larger amount of engagement than Facebook. Like, 58 times larger.

To have a successful online presence, you want to focus more on people engaging with your posts, rather than focusing on how many likes or followers your account has. The reason this is easier to accomplish in Instagram than Facebook, when both are using algorithms to determine what posts are being seen, is because of hashtags.

A post using at least one hashtag will get 12% more interaction (or engagement) than a post without any at all. The use of hashtags gives you the ability to reach viewers outside of your followers without having to pay for advertising!

Now you may be thinking, “Facebook supports hashtags, too!” And you would be right. But Facebook wasn’t built for hashtags – they were adopted into the platform when they began growing in popularity. How often do you search a hashtag on Facebook compared to on Instagram? Do you think your ideal client is doing the same?

“Work smarter, not harder,” is always the best advice, and it definitely applies to your social media game! Spend your time on what’s going to give you the greatest return :)

I could go on about social media for hours, but for now, I’ll wrap this up here! Have something specific you want to know about in regards to social media? Send me an email to! And you can follow along in my adventures on Instagram :)

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