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I’ve been working with Whitney and Jason throughout the pandemic, while they held onto hope that they’d be able to at least go on with a small ceremony this year, saving their big reception with most of their family and friends at their original wedding venue next year. We were almost in the clear when a whole new wave of restrictions came out just a few weeks before their wedding day arrived! My heart truly broke for them. It hasn’t been easy for couples planning their weddings this year, and I wanted nothing more than for just a few more weeks of consistency so they could have the second version of their day like they had planned.

With just a bit more adjusting, everything came together beautifully in the end! Whitney’s parent’s patio and backyard made for a perfect location for the ceremony and reception with just their closest family and friends instead, and everyone was so happy to finally be celebrating the newlyweds! They live-streamed their wedding ceremony to their guests who couldn’t be there with them, and capped it all off with a Corona for everyone in true pandemic fashion at the end.

I asked the newlyweds about the getting ready portion of the day, what it was like to walk down the aisle, about their reception and so much more. I can’t wait for you to read about the day from their perspective! I hope you enjoy my favourite moments from the day while you scroll through, too :)

toronto maple leaf's suit jacket at london ontario wedding 0 days until our wedding sign groom's shoes and tie at london ontario wedding


Were you nervous, or calm and excited while getting ready?

Whitney – I was oddly calm all day, and it was like I was anxious in waiting for the nerves and emotions to hit me. I woke up way earlier than I anticipated with butterflies in my stomach, but then the morning went pretty fast with the girls getting ready, and odds and ends to finish up with the wedding being in the backyard. Before I knew it we were done hair and makeup with time to kill, and I was still waiting for the nerves to hit me, but they never really did!

Jason – I was calm the whole morning, didn’t really get nervous until we were driving to the ceremony.


best man helps groom get his vest and tie on groomsman helps groom get his jacket on groom reads letter from his bride closeup of letter from a bride to her groom on their wedding day groomsmen with an old car


How did your bridal party/family help you in the beginning of the day?

Jason – The groomsmen were with me in the morning, and we tried to go golfing but the course was closed. We went to the driving range and relaxed at the house, until my Grandpa got there with one of his old cars which was nice to have him and the car there.

Whitney – I wanted a nice chill, relaxed morning getting ready, and even with the last minute finishing touches I felt we had that. The girls were great in keeping us on schedule, and keeping me focused since I’m often trying to do 10 things at once! My parents were so helpful getting things done that morning so I didn’t have to worry about it, and I wanted to make sure that they were enjoying the day as well.


wedding dress at london ontario wedding bride's denim jacket, cowboy boots and bouquet at her london ontario wedding bride's rings and bouquet bride's earrings and bouquet


Did you do a first look? If so, what was that moment like?

We did not – we saved that moment for the ceremony, and I’m glad we did! Especially with the small group, it made the day flow nicely.


bride's mom doing up the back of her wedding dress bride's mom doing up her wedding dress and bridesmaid putting in her veil bride putting in her earrings bride laughing with her bridesmaid as she puts on her cowboy boots at her london ontario wedding bride poses with her denim jacket and bouquet at her wedding in london ontario bridal portrait at wedding in london ontario bride reads letter from groom bride reads letter from groom


What were your thoughts when you first saw each other?

Whitney – That he looked super handsome, and not as nervous as I thought he may have. I just remember feeling so happy the entire time. And I noticed the damn garage door that was open behind the guys!

Jason – That she looked really good and that we were starting the rest of our lives together.


wedding decor at london ontario wedding groom walks down the aisle with his mom and hugs her bride and groom smile at each other as she walks down the aisle bride walks up the aisle with her dad bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony


How did you feel when you walked down the aisle?

Whitney – I was really trying to take in the moment, but part of me couldn’t believe it was happening. As everyone warns you, it went by so fast. I remember feeling so happy and joyful the whole time. And I loved our music selections :)

Jason – Felt pretty calm and cool, excited that we were finally at the ceremony after the roller coaster of the last few months.


bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony a wedding ceremony in london ontario groom places ring on bride's finger during their wedding ceremony bride places ring on groom's finger during their wedding ceremony bride and groom sign marriage licence bride and groom share first kiss wedding guests share corona beers at pandemic wedding


Did you whisper anything sweet in each other’s ears during the first dance?

Whitney – No whispers, but we pretty much chatted the entire time. I was always nervous that this moment would feel long and awkward as everyone watched, so that helped make it feel like it was just us in the moment. It was the first chance in the day for us to catch up with each other, so we talked about getting ready and our mornings. We laughed about dancing together on the first night we met, and how many times we spun each other around that night.


bride and groom pose with antique car bride and groom kiss at sunset, the bride's veil blows in the wind bride and groom dance in the field at sunset wedding party in a cornfield at sunset


How excited were you for the food at the reception and what did you eat?

Whitney – I didn’t feel hungry all day, even during dinner. I was more so excited for the dinner portion of the night, to be able to sit down and enjoy the meal with everyone since it was like one big dinner party. The food was DELICIOUS, and there was so much of it! The seasonal salad with walnuts, feta and balsalmic dressing to start was incredible, I would have been happy with that as my whole meal! We then had some great chicken and pork, roasted potatoes and vegetables and finished it off with cheesecake which was so rich and delicious! Later at night we had our s’mores station and roasted hot dogs over the fire, and a surprise of cake truffles from Grandma’s Oven. Perfect treats to cap off the night!

Jason – I ate it all, and it was delicious!


pinecones and greenery wedding decor wine bottles and greenery wedding decor bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance, and bridesmaid gives a speech


What moments of your day will you never forget?

Whitney – The intimacy of it all. While the small guest count is what broke my heart so many times leading up to our day, and we missed a lot of people, it made for a really unique experience. I loved how relaxed and casual it all felt, while still being a beautiful set up. From the ceremony where we could see everyone, to the dinner where we all ate together, and just hanging out around the bonfire into the early hours of the morning. It was all so cool.

Jason – Probably the speeches, I really enjoyed those. The fact that it was such a small group and we were able to chat and laugh through them was really neat. And the smallness of the whole thing was different, but in a good way.


guests laugh during a bridesmaid speech wedding guests during wedding reception


What are you looking forward to the most about being married?

Whitney – The fact that we’re married, and that we’re now a family. While I know not much has changed in our day to day lives, I don’t take it lightly, and I want things to feel a bit different now that we’re married. I’m so excited and proud to call him my husband and to take life on in a new way together.

Jason – The fact that I get to call you “my Whitney” (he purposely still hasn’t said “wife”, just to bug me!), and that I get to see you smile every day. And that I get to wear a cool ring!


bride and groom react to a groomsman speech

bride and groom during wedding reception bride cries during her parents wedding speech


What advice would you give to a newly engaged couple?

Jason – Not that you can help it, but don’t get married during a pandemic!! It’s quite the emotional roller coaster.

Whitney – Different now than it would have been before corona! Do your best to enjoy the process and enjoy the planning. You’ll never be in this stage of life again, and it’s over before you know it. Don’t worry too much about the little details that people won’t notice on your day – focus on your love for each other and making the day FEEL the way you want, more so than LOOK the way you want.


wedding guests during wedding reception

bride and groom wedding speech


What are your honeymoon plans?

Whitney – Luckily enough, we took our BIG trip in February/March, returning from New Zealand one week before the pandemic! We went up to Muskoka for a quick getaway the week after the wedding, which was the perfect plan for some leisurely adventure, beautiful scenery, great food and drinks and time together as husband and wife :)


bride and groom speech and night photo


What did you love about your vendors?

Whitney – Our Coordinator, Chrissy kept feeding me water all day like I was a celebrity or all-star athlete, so that was wonderful! (I love my water!). With such a small group, our on-site vendors were 1/4 of the guest list, but it didn’t feel like they were impeding or intruding on the day. They are all wonderful people to be around, so it was fun to spend time with them and welcome them into our small group. And with all things considered through the changes we faced, everyone was extremely accommodating, understanding and supportive. We had enough challenges having a wedding in 2020, but we didn’t have a single challenge with any of our vendors – all love and support!


Shoutout to the vendors who came together to make the day so amazing for Whitney and Jason!

Unmistakably You Boutique Wedding Coordination
Wedding Connections (Décor + Flowers)
Lauren Knight (Bouquets/Boutoneirres)
Sew Stylish (Bridal Gown)
Once Upon A Time Weddings (Bridesmaid Dress)
Heirlooms Bridal Shoppe (Bridesmaid Dress)
Showmeyourmumu.com (Bridesmaid Dress)
Nicole Alexis Artistry
Hair By Annie Braun
Lori Ann McNulty (Officiant)
Belmont Catering
Schwartzentruber Music Services
Topper Productions


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